120ml Cleaning Solution


– Removes dirt, stains and scuff marks from your shoes
– Prevents your white sneakers from turning yellow
– Cleans effectively with or without water
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– Safe to use on all colours and materials
– Ingredients contain anti-bacterial properties to keep your shoes smelling fresh
– Cleans up to 40 pairs of shoes



This cleaning solution is our flagship product. It can be used with or without water.

With water: Dilute the cleaning solution with some water (1:5 ratio).  Dip a shoe cleaning brush into the diluted cleaning solution, shake off some of the excess liquid, then scrub thoroughly on the shoe surface. Follow up with a quick wipe using a microfiber towel. Repeat the process if necessary.

Without water: Drip a small amount of cleaning solution onto a microfiber towel, then rub it on a dirty stain. The stain should remove fairly quickly. Repeat this process on other areas which require cleaning.